Five Star Ionizers

   Hello and welcome to the best, most satisfying and thirst quenching water in the world. Find out what makes this water 99.9% free from impurities and high in Alkalinity as well as having lower ORP levels..

    We are currently working to build a "five star ionizer" team in Canada.  We are solely based on quality, integrity, honesty, awareness, customer satisfaction/support, educating people about the availability of this water and sharing it with everyone.

    We are authorized to sell, service and distribute only the highest quality water ionizers. Our "Five Star" name describes our dedication to quality and service beyond your expectation. People satisfaction is a very high priority for us. We strive for everyone to drink this amazing and naturally thirst quenching pure great tasting chlorine free water so we can all benefit from it with its higher Alkaline levels and excellent Oxygenation Reduction Potential (ORP) measurable properties!

  The health benefits and the numerous positive testimonies through the years simply cannot be denied or ignored. Considering our bodies are made up of approximately 80% water it only stands to reason that the type of water we put in us is directly linked to the quality of health and our very lives..!
"Water You Waiting For"

Here are just some of what we offer:

  • Ionized Alkaline and or Acidic water with its many health benefits and uses..
  • Products that are highly advanced in water purification & filtration. This state of the art technology that produces higher Alkalinity levels as well as lower Oxygen Reduction Percentage (ORP)..
  •  Complete water solutions to meet your every day needs and demands for better health and wellness..
  • Professional installations including proper set up and consulting..
  • pH and ORP testing your source water as well as pre and aft analyzation..
  • Service and warranty work with a smile..
  • Hanna and/or Milwaukee water testers and meters..